Le Parc Residential Estate - Le Grande Park



Le Parc Residential Estate presents a variety of features and amenities that bring a holistic family lifestyle perfectly together.

Within the heart of the estate, residents can enjoy a natural park-like environment with a wealth of activities for every member of the family. Le Grande Park’s outdoor recreation facilities will allow residents to keep fit, relax and enjoy nature. These facilities include a large multi-sports grassed oval, a children’s skate park and pump track, an outdoor gym, tennis court, and children’s play equipment, as well as a 4km cycling and jogging track. Families can enjoy simple picnics under the trees, and the smaller green pockets dotted around the estate.

A variety of olive groves, vineyards and orchards, including Wild Peach trees, Cape Ivy, olive groves, vineyards and lemon orchards and more, can be enjoyed throughout the estate, offering cool shade, fruity smells and lush greenery.

Le Grande Park’s exciting play area and pump track is available for young children to explore and create endless adventures to their hearts’ content. The pump track is designed to include small hills, corners, stony terrain and turns that will help children better their balance, bike riding skills, confidence, social skills and strength.

The play area is a colourful land of adventure where little children can jump, climb, slide and swing whilst making friends, dreaming up new lands and adventures, all whilst in the safety of the estate.